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November 8th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With so many games coming out this end of the year I thought it only fair that I talk a little about one that I’ve been smashing out lately, The Outer Worlds.

Created by Obsidian Entertainment and using the Unreal Engine, this game is a perfect cross between Fallout and Borderlands, which isn’t surprising since Obsidian were the ones behind Fallout New Vegas.

Here’s a little back story and some of the little tips and tricks I’ve picked up so far.

To start you’re one of the survivors of the colonist ship “Hope” whom have all been placed in cryogenic stasis, you’re awoken by mad scientist Phineas Welles who has plans to help save the rest of the ship who have all either been forgotten or passed into legend.

From there you’re shot out of the ship in a pod to meet explorer Alex Hawthorn; unfortunately, he doesn’t move after placing down the homing beacon and is evidently crushed by the pod. That’s no issue though as all you really need from him is his ship which is powered by an AI called ADA.

But of course finding the ship isn’t the end of it, as it turns out “The Unreliable” was damaged in landing outside the main town, you’re approached by military figures who tell you that the ship isn’t meant to be here, this is the first section where that character customization actually matters.

Much like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, creating your character is a big deal here. The main thing you’ll want to focus on is the skills rather than what your character looks like as it’s first person and you can’t see them anyway.

So what skills do you want to focus on at the start?

Well, this is one of my favorite parts of any game and one that I always do first is speech, having a higher speech skill will allow you to access special dialogue options with various NPC in the game, now these skill are grouped until you get to level 50 at which point you have to do them all up individually.

For example, the three skills in speech are persuade, intimidate and lie; in science you have medical, hacking and lock-picking and so on with other skills like melee, ranged, defense and others. Each level you go up you get ten skill points to add on, along with various perks you can choose from after a few levels, these range from extra carry weight to bonus damage and armor ratings along with bonuses for the various companions you get throughout the game to join you as crew for your ship.

The Outer Worlds brings all of my favorite aspects of games together with character customization, free roam, modding weapons and tons of content.

4 out of 5 Nerds

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