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VIDEOGAME REVIEW: FTN reviews Final Fantasy VII Remake

April 10th, 2020 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Playstation 4
Out Now

Next to Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy VII is one of the few things that’s good about this year. The modern remake of a beloved classic is incredible in so many ways, but is it as perfect as what everyone hopes?

If, like me you’re living in Australia, then you’re one of the lucky ones that’s been able to play FF7 since April 1st. Originally, I thought it was some April Fool’s joke but lucky for me, I was quite wrong.

Let me just start by saying that this game is a visual masterpiece. For anyone who’s watched Advent Children, it’s just like playing the movie.  For those who haven’t, please watch it, it’s amazing.

The cut-scenes and graphics are incredible, game-play motions in both combat and just walking around are truly something wonderful to behold.

Cloud’s combat switches between operator mode, less attacking power but quicker movement and dodging, vs punisher power, higher attack power but very slow in movement, also when you dodge you’ll switch back to operator mode so if you want to stay in heavy attack you’ll need to get good with the block trigger.

On top of that, the only time combat will pause is when you open up the combat menu with the X button; this will allow you to access all abilities, spells and items while everything around you slows down to almost a halt. This mode will also allow your characters to to use their limit break skills and summon any allies to help such as the infamous Ifrit and Shiva. You’re also able to switch between character in battle using the D-pad.

There is but one flaw in the masterpiece, however.

The game itself is very linear and most of the missions and side missions are quite basic. There’s next to no free roam aspect throughout the majority of the game. Once you get to chapter 13 (18 in total) you get access to most of Midgar and a variety of side quests and can use Chocobo karts to fast travel throughout the districts.

Finally, the new and revamped soundtrack is wonderful. You’re able to listen to all your favorite songs in much better quality, it really lends something a little extra to the battles.

My hope is that part two will have a little more of a free roam aspect to add to what was otherwise a nearly perfect game.

I’d love to see this Final Fantasy X remade in this style, in particular being able to play Blitzball with this kind of control would be incredible.

A visually stunning game with brilliant controls that was only let down by linear missions and not nearly enough options to do your own thing. That being said, I still strongly recommend picking this up.

4 out of 5 nerds

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