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WATCH: New footage from cancelled Star Wars game 1313 appears

January 28th, 2022 by Marc Comments

Before Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, there were several exciting projects in production and that we will likely never see more of now.

We know at the time there was a TV series called Star Wars: Underworld which was certainly looking like it was going to be fun and it had several seasons of scripts already penned and you can see the test footage here.

There was the very weird but definitely something I’d love to see animated series called Star Wars Detours which, we’re led to believe was fully finished but Disney don’t believe there’s an audience for (we disagree – put it on Disney+, you cowards!) and you can see the trailer for it here.

There was the planned but never started game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III which would have finished one of my favorite chapters of the Star Wars saga but is sadly now no longer canon (though it sounds like it could have been great)… be we still would love to see Galen Marek return in some way – and he might if you read here and here.

However, one of the most mysterious projects was the game 1313.

The game was in production in 2013 by the now gone Lucasarts and even had a trailer, bottom of the page, but very little was known about the game itself.

Although we did get some details a while ago including the fact that the game was set to take place in 1313, a slum one thousand, three hundred, and thirteen levels from the core of Coruscant and would have featured Boba Fett and likely other bounty hunters, tracking down criminals – interestingly, when Clone Wars was given its final season (which was previously not finished) in 2020 we saw Ahsoka Tano travel to 1313 when she was wrongly accused of murder – you can see get a taste of that adventure here.

Given that this story was originally written in 2013 (or before), it’s likely it was set to be an introduction to 1313 ahead of the game release.

However, now we have new footage from the game that was previously unleashed and, while it’s unfinished, it gives us a good idea of what the game would have been and how much fun it could have been tracking down bad guys as the most feared hunter in the galaxy.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think. With The Book of Boba Fett currently airing on Disney+ (and yes, it’s superb), is now the time, perhaps, to look into bringing the game to consoles?

I’d love to see it, truth be told.

This was the original 2013 trailer:

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