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SDCC: Titan Comics announces Four Doctors mini-series and more

July 12th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments



It’s always the way, you wait ages for a Doctor and four come along at once.

For one month only, Titan Comics have announced that they will be running The Four Doctors, a major event starting on 15 August. Coinciding with international Doctor Who Comics Day, the five-week event will see a major event bring four incarnations of the Doctor together. Writer Paul Cornell described the event as:

[Clara is trying to stop] some kind of multi-Doctor event… thankfully she fails.”

The Tenth and Twelfth Doctors are lined up to meet and apparently see even less eye-to-eye than previous incarnations. Insults are being thrown around, with the Twelfth Doctor seen as an abomination that his previous incarnations think shouldn’t exist. The story revolves around a “photograph which means the end of the universe” and trying to prevent the picture being taken. The story will apparently take place earlier in the Tenth Doctor’s timeline than The Day of the Doctor, and the fact that the Twelfth Doctor doesn’t remember the meeting will be addressed.

After the Four Doctors events, Titan will be working on a storyline only known at this point as Year Two. Other comics coming from Titan will include a Ninth Doctor series, exploring the times and places Chris Ecclestone’s Doctor visited between episodes. Both Rose and Captain Jack will be featured. Furthermore, an Eighth Doctor mini-series is expected in October.

News on the storylines is somewhat thin on the ground at the moment, with Titan not wanting to ruin any surprises. What we do know is that the publisher has assembled a very respectable team of writers and artists, including Paul Cornell, Alice X. Zhang, Blair Shedd, Cavan Scott, George Mann, Steve White, Rachael Slott and Andrew James. If they can pull off what they have planned, this could be a fairly epic collection of stories. Watch this space…

The Four Doctors will be released on 15 August.



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