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Patrick Stewart to play Professor X just one last time?

August 10th, 2016 by bash Comments

It seems the next Wolverine film could be his, and Hugh Jackman’s, final appearance in an X-Men movie


Wait, it looks like new X-Men series Legion has finally brought the X-Men into the MCU…

August 2nd, 2016 by Marc Comments

and that’s MASSIVE NEWS, indeed…


WATCH: FX unveil X-Men TV series footage

July 25th, 2016 by bash Comments

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens appears as David Haller, a troubled young man who has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years


The Gambit movie is a-go go after all, and here’s when we can expect it

July 14th, 2016 by Christopher Williams Comments

Fox are Tatum their time with this one… Sorry.

X-Men logo

No more Hellfire, but Marvel are co-producing a brand new X-Men series with Fox

July 12th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

This is not an X-drill, the X-wheels are in X-motion…


Simon Kinberg talks tone and tying the X-Men universe together with FX’s Legion TV series

July 3rd, 2016 by Marc Comments

Plus a new image of Dan Stevens filming the new series…


The ‘X-Men joining the MCU’ rumours are back, it seems…

June 26th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments

… there might be something to it


Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie all want to see the X-Men join the MCU

June 6th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

When Cap, Falcon and the Winter Soldier all tell you to do something, you damn well do it, Fox!


Jennifer Lawrence says she, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have a pact that means they may not return to X-Men…

May 24th, 2016 by Marc Comments

“Fox should be terrified”


MASSIVE X-MEN ROUND-UP: X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force, Deadpool, Legion and Hellfire – it’s all here

May 12th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Gather round X-Men fans, we bring ALL the news…


Is Taylor Swift Dazzler in X-Men: Apocalypse? PLUS Two more movies confirmed? And check out the cage fight clip!

May 7th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Well, this could be a delightful little nod to the greater X-Men universe…


Stephen Merchant has joined the Wolverine 3 cast. No, really.

April 28th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

OK… we can’t wait to find out more about this…

apocalypse button

WATCH: Guess who’s back in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer?

April 25th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments

WATCH: Guess who’s back in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer? It may just be a tease but that’s the team rounded out nicely, then… can you guess who it is?


The Inhumans movie officially pulled from Marvel/Disney schedule…

April 24th, 2016 by Marc Comments

… what could this mean for the MCU?


Maisie Williams addresses the New Mutants rumours PLUS Three new X-Men: Apocalypse videos

April 22nd, 2016 by Marc Comments

FOX’s X-Men universe is setting on getting much bigger

wolverine button

Could this be the next Wolverine?

April 21st, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

Who will have the claws after hugh Jackman leaves?


Could The Dark Phoenix Saga be the next X-Men movie? PLUS Awesome new video charting the rise of Apocalypse

April 18th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Erase the events of X3? Oh, ok, then?


Deadpool meets Spider-man? X-Men meet Avengers? Simon Kinberg is ‘building bridges’

April 14th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

Could you imagine? A united Marvel cinematic universe?


Ten new character posters from X-Men: Apocalypse arrive

April 7th, 2016 by Marc Comments

The team is all here…


Deadpool 2 already on its way?

April 6th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

“Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf.”

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