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Oscar Isaac confirmed for Moon Knight as directors also revealed and Ethan Hawke joins cast as the villain of the tale

January 16th, 2021 by Marc Comments

This show is promising an awful lot of awsome…

Secret Invasion series on Disney+ will not be as massive as the story it’s based on

January 16th, 2021 by Marc Comments

However, a Samuel L Jackson-focused series works for me

Charlie Cox has filmed on Spider-man 3 – Daredevil back?! And Kevin Feige talks about taking the Netflix heroes back into the MCU

January 16th, 2021 by Marc Comments

It’s all coming up Milhouse

Chris Evans set to return to the MCU as Captain America?

January 16th, 2021 by Marc Comments

The return of America’s Ass?

Feige: Deadpool 3 will be an R-rated entry in the MCU – what does this mean for the Marvel universe moving forward?

January 16th, 2021 by Marc Comments

This should please a lot of fans…

FIRST LOOK: Spider-man gets new suit in The Amazing Spider-man #63

January 3rd, 2021 by Marc Comments

It’s… different, that’s for sure

Spider-man set to hang around the MCU for another while…

January 3rd, 2021 by Marc Comments

The Web-slinger is set to become pretty important in the MCU moving forward….

WATCH: New Wandavision teaser reminds you that the series arrives in two weeks

January 1st, 2021 by Marc Comments

2021 starting with a bang…

WATCH: Happy Christmas! New trailer drops for MCU’s Wandavision series

December 27th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Has Disney+ got another hit on its hands?

Toby Maguire spotted going for costume fitting among Spider-man return rumours…

December 10th, 2020 by Marc Comments

It’s happening! It’s happening!

FIRST LOOK: Marvel bringing its first Alien title to shelves in March

December 9th, 2020 by Marc Comments

They better not dilute this down!

WATCH: Zendaya ‘can’t confirm or deny’ Garfield and Maguire Spider-man return…

December 5th, 2020 by Marc Comments

This has my brain working in overdrive…

Hailee Steinfield confirmed starring in Disney+ Hawkeye series UPDATED: Steinfeld in costume pictured on set

December 2nd, 2020 by Marc Comments

The MCU continues to grow…

Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova to appear in Hawkeye series on Disney+

November 30th, 2020 by Marc Comments

What does it all mean?!

Deadpool 3 moves forward with new writers at Disney…

November 24th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Wade Wilson in the MCU? Yes, please…

WandaVision series confirmed for… 2021. Ugh.

November 12th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Another blow by 2020… well played

Marvel has reached out to Hugh Jackman to appear in the MCU as Wolverine…

November 3rd, 2020 by Marc Comments

This rumour has been coming and going for years and I’m still all in for it…

FIRST LOOK: These Aliens Vs Marvel covers are pretty damned cool

October 25th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Superheroes Vs unstoppable killing machines? What’s not to love?

Tom Hardy’s Venom set for Spider-man 3? And Vincent D’Onofrio wants his Kingpin in there too…

October 12th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Spider-man 3 could still have such treats for fans…

WATCH: First two clips from Marvel and Hulu’s MODOK animated series

October 10th, 2020 by Marc Comments

This was not what I was expecting…