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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Age of Ultron #10

June 20th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by a crap load of people at Marvel

Colors by Paul Mounts & Richard Isanove

Published by Marvel

This is it folks! The grand finale of Marvel’s big blockbuster event the Age of Ultron. The event started off with so much promise, seeing that first issue end with a broken Captain America was a powerful and stirring image, but somewhere in the middle the event began to devolve into something that felt more than a little scattered. You had Wolverine and Sue Richards bouncing through time. There was Nick Fury hiding out in the Savage Land. In fact Ultron didn’t even appear in some of those issues. I won’t lie, I would’ve preferred a straight up grand finale battle with all the remaining heroes versus Ultron, but they didn’t do that. Why? They had to figure out some way to put the Marvel Universe back as they found it and bring all the dead heroes back. So lets throw some time hopping in there. The time hopping and finale pretty much negated the whole event save for the very end.

As a huge fan of alternate timelines I wasn’t insanely disappointed by the end, we had to know that there would be some kind of cop out to keep real changes from affecting the Marvel Universe, but the way it happened was pretty anti-climatic. The writing for the issue stays on point though, with all these time paradoxes its easy to get confused and slip up, I just wish there had been more meat for me to sink my teeth into. It seems that the finale issue isn’t even the true finale, that will come when we start to delve into the aftermath of Wolverine and Sue’s time hopping. I just hope that we get some interesting changes that will keep readers excited for what lies ahead. In fact now that I think about, the end had a very similar feel to DC’s Flashpoint, which in turn served as the genesis for the DC Universe changing into the New 52 DC Universe. Only time will tell how this whole thing really plays out. If we get more interesting takes on our favorite heroes then this could all be well worth it. My biggest fear is that it will be a let down, which would be a real shame as MarvelNOW! has been killing lately and has this DC fanboy taking more notice.

As for the art, well that was definitely on point here. Of course when every single artist in your stable including the big boss, Joe Quesada, break out their pencils then there better be some great work in there. I did find the action at the end a little frantic making hard to keep up with who is talking and who is fighting, but overall it was pretty good.

My overall thought on this book is that it could lead to some very interesting future developments; it all just depends on how Marvel is planning to play this thing out. As for the event as a whole, it started off strong and started to feel disjointed about halfway through. I was really hoping to see our heroes take the fight to Ultron and instead we get some time hopping work around that robbed me of what I was hoping to see, a real kick ass finale.

Issue #10

2.5 out of 5 nerds

Age of Ultron

3 out of 5 nerds

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