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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews DC Rebirth (August 10th 2016)

August 10th, 2016 by Marc Comments


When it comes to industry heavyweights they don’t come any bigger than Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr.

Either of the pair is worth buying a comic for, now they’re working on a brand new Batman comic together it means that reading All-Star Batman #1 (4 out of 5 Nerds) is about as close as you get to a no-brainer.

Anybody who is worrying that the title is a reboot or continuation of the ill-advised Frank Miller comic of the same name, a decade ago, can rest easy.

Snyder has already confirmed that the All-Star title will very much be in continuity with the rest of the Batman titles and the name, All-Star, is also a reference to the calibre of foe the Caped Crusader will be taking on throughout the run.

It’s safe to say it comes roaring out of the gates. The story sees Batman transporting Two-Face out of Gotham City to be collected by the authorities, needless to say all does not go to plan.

There are shades of 3.10 To Yuma here as Two-Face offers a king’s ransom for anyone who can help free him before Batman delivers him.

As you would expect from an artist of Romita Jr’s quality, it looks absolutely stunning and Snyder is intent on giving us a more cerebral and dangerous version of Two-Face than we are used to. Tommy Lee Jones and Batman Forever this isn’t.

There’s a more juvenile tone for The Flash #4 (3 out of 5 Nerds) as Barry Allen’s plans to train a squad of youths affected by the Speed Force faces a major test in the form of the powerful threat that is Godspeed.

There’s nothing innovative or particularly gripping but it moves at one hell of a speed, pun intended, and makes for a fun, if slight, read.

DC seem determined to match Marvel stride for stride in the diversity stakes if New Superman #2 (3 out of 5 Nerds) is any indication.

The action sees Kong Kenan, the ‘new Superman’ from China going up against The Bat-Man and Wonder Woman of China as they form the fledgling Justice League Of China,

It’s hard to tell if it’s meant to sail so close to parody but it can’t be denied it is a lot of fun with echoes of the early Fantastic Four with the New Superman taking on the role of the irritatingly confident Human Torch of the group.

Where it goes next will determine if this is an inspired title or an ill-judged attempt at the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman #4 (5 out of 5 Nerds) is a must read for any fan of comics, never mind the character. It’s the second part of the rebooted Year One storyline and this instalment sees a tournament taking place to find a champion among the Amazonians to represent them in the outside world.

I wonder who might be victorious in that?

It’s a pretty traditional take on the character but there are enough other flourishes to make it stand out as an excitinf new take on a well worn tale.

Superwoman #1 (5 out of 5 Nerds) is a rip-roaring tale of Lois Lane donning the mantle, well almost, in the absence of the Superman who died before the events of Rebirth.

It’s a brilliantly put together title that is possibly the best Superman related title in years, what that says about the future direction of the character remains to be seen.

There are obvious questions here about the character and her new powers but if Phil Jimenez can keep this up we might have a modern classic on our hands.

If the events of Superwoman are confusing then Superman: Action Comics #961 (4 out of 5 Nerds) will really melt your head.

The Superman who didn’t die, recently at least, takes on Doomsday with the aid of Wonder Woman, while Lex Luthor in an adapted Superman suit helps the people of Metropolis with a Clark Kent who has no powers.

It is absolutely bonkers, and will serve as ammunition for those who believe DC has a tendency to get lost up its own backside, but it’s the very definition of a page turner.

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