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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Green Team #3

July 26th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Green Team #3

Writers: Art Baltazar and Franco

Penciller: IG Guara

Inker: J.P. Mayer

Publisher: DC Comics

Did I miss something?

When did a book promoting the 1% sound like a good idea? What is DC thinking by giving us this book? This and its companion (at least in my eyes) The Movement have both been complete head scratchers in their first three issues. Now I am going to leave The Movement for a different review because there is just too much to say on that book and I want to keep this focused on the current issue of Green Team.

First I need to ask, how much time elapsed between issue #2 and issue #3? When we left issue #2 Commodore, Mo and Abisha were in New York city in the Commodore’s home, yet we open issue #3 and they are in Miami in a penthouse in the middle of a fire fight between Deathstroke and his “targets”? I mean…WHAT HAPPENED?!?

Did they hop on a jet? Does the Commodore have a transporter? How did they get from New York to Miami and find Deathstroke in what appears to be a single night?! I assume it’s a single night because the other two characters of this tale, J.P and Cecilia, are still in the New York penthouse that they were in at the end of the last issue!

This is a major plot hole that we were dumped into. I mean yes things can happen from issue to issue that make us go “ok did I miss something”, but this just seems way out there and farfetched. There are things in this book that really make you think, why is this happening?

There is a group of villains known as “Riot” attacking some of the wealthiest kids on the planet and yet there is no involvement from any of the multitude of heroes in the DC universe? What, did they all say, “You know what, we have bigger things to worry about than these citizens in danger.” I mean where are the Teen Titans to help these kids? Where is Batman to take back the batmobile that Commodore showed he had in Issue #2? Where is anyone to come and save these kids? Nothing about this is making sense?

Also why did they have to make such a big deal about Cecilia getting back her PET CHEETAH?!?! The girl has a pet cheetah and they had to show that she sent hotels concierge to find him. WOW! Can we show how these kids are any more spoiled? We see them with cars, money, penthouse suites and we are supposed to feel sorry for them? Or cheer for them to make it through this?

They went so far as to have Commodore save his friends, he buys the hotel they are in so he can have people fly in and rip the penthouse right off the building to get them to safety. Yeah we are supposed to want good things to happen to these kids, we want them to become the next Justice League.

I am sorry, maybe I am ranting here but this does not make sense! The BAT CREDIT CARD made more sense than this.

And what did they do to Deathstroke? The greatest assassin in the DC universe is now, after the cancelation of his own title, relegated to the bodyguard of a bunch of spoiled rich kids? DC you have him as a major player in the next Arkham game, battling the bat, but in your comics he is playing nursemaid to the Green Team? This is not the way to handle Deathstroke, I mean, have him show up in Titans again or give him an arc in Batman: The Dark Knight. Don’t make him a bodyguard for these characters.

Factor that in with a plot that is going nowhere, suits of armor that look like they were ripped right from Iron Man, and characters that are not engaging in the least and we have a recipe for one of DC’s less exciting titles. I had Amethyst taken from me for this?

The only saving grace for this book is the art. For me it’s great, the artists really did a fantastic job of creating this world. Sadly it is just not enough to make me recommend this title.

1.5 out of 5 nerds


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