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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Night of the Living Deadpool #4

March 7th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Ramon Rosanas
Published by Marvel Comics

This is the end (?) of Cullen Bunn’s latest Deadpool mini. Deadpool has gotten a taste (literally) of what it’s like to be a flesh eating zombie. Luckily, his healing factor kept him from suffering permanently from the disease. After experiencing being undead, a walking consciousness with no control over his own actions, he decides that he needs to do the right thing as the last hero alive; try to cure the zombie outbreak.

Don’t worry folks, Mr. Bunn gives us plenty of what we love in this issue. There’s action, heroics, and laugh out loud comedy in this issue; enough for me to say this was my favorite issue of Bunn’s entire run on Deadpool. There’s a situation in which Wade’s talking to a decapitated head while making puns about the guy being headless. I read this at work on my break and had to try my best not to seem like a crazy person sitting by myself and laughing at all the jokes Deadpool was cracking in the middle of this dire situation, it was brilliant. There’s a situation at the end of the book that leaves it open for Bunn to come back for yet another mini, if that’s the case, sign me up!

The art in this book is definitely a bit of an homage to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and I love it. The use of black and white for everything but Deadpool is brilliant and I love how much he jumps off of literally very page he’s on. It makes the numerous action sequences seem vibrant and very grotesquely beautiful! I hope if Bunn does another mini this art team follows him to it.

Cullen Bunn has made a fan for life out of me. I get the sense that he really gets to the core of every character he writes and then evolves the book into something that compliments that. This series is packed with action, but the real star of the book is the humor. I laughed at almost every page and it’s not often I can say that about anything I read comics or otherwise. Not only is this book hilarious, it’s also a terrific spin on a heavily saturated zombie market. I dare you to sit down and find a zombie book that’s like this; I bet you’ll fail. It feels original, but stays very true to what’s come before it in the genre!

5 out of 5 nerds

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