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COMIC SPOTLIGHT: Atomic Fist Punch! by Drew Maxwell

August 13th, 2013 by Julz Hendricks Comments

Written and drawn by Drew Maxwell

If you haven’t read Atomic Fist Punch yet, you are missing out! Created by Drew Maxwell, this all ages web comic has action, adventure, and robots. With new pages added weekly, and an iPad and iPod game in the works, it’s easy to see why this comic rocks!

Let me tell you a little about the story. Zoe and Xander are left alone after a giant robot kidnaps their dad. The mind behind the kidnapping,” Zero 1″, was created to be the first robot to have emotions. Those emotions were too much for him to handle, and he wanted a free life of his own, so Zero 1 has been creating “evil attack robots” to help him take over the world. The only person with the power to stop Zero 1 is Dr. Shaw, who knows all about the robot since he created Zero 1. With Zoe and Xander’s mom away on a mission, the solution to rescue their dad is Atomic Power Fists! It comes complete with a Power Core, Kinetic Amp, Xitanium Armor, and Robotic Finger Joints (How cool does that sound! – editor’s note.). Every little boy and girl would want one of these!

The city is being destroyed by another robot, and Xander eventually takes down the giant robot with the help of Zoe as his guide. There is some amazing artwork going on in these scenes. Xander smashes through one side of the robot and out the other and Drew captures it perfectly. Bolts and sprockets and wires bursting out of the hole that Xander is flying out of at a high velocity.

The fight with the robot has ended, but Zero 1 appears and tells Xander that he is “out of his league”. Xander does not back down though and vows to get his dad back. He is such a brave little boy, and with Zoe at his side they can do anything.

Next we meet Volt. He is an absolutely adorable little robot. Xander has his suspicions, but warms up after Volt makes him a less than appetizing looking cake.

Volt sets off with Xander and they encounter some attack bots which they make light work out of thanks to Zoe’s Teleacopic Fists upgrade! They make their way down the broken lift and see what appears to be Xander’s dad, but looks can be deceiving. Xander of course wants nothing more than to bring his dad home safe, but there is an interesting twist that I won’t spoil for you.

Atomic Fist Punch not only tells this amazing story, but the main characters Zoe and Xander are very smart. It is so important to have good role model for kids to look up to, and Zoe and Xander exhibit this perfectly.

I highly recommend this comic to everyone and anyone I come across. It is so great that Drew Maxwell makes this comic accessible to everyone. Reading Atomic Fist Punch can be a family event. My 8 year old was very pleased with the story and wanted to read more. Read comics with your kids. They are just waiting for you to take them on that next adventure, and what better way than to read Atomic Fist Punch to them.

You can catch Drew Maxwell this week on Panel 2 Panel talking about his awesome comic and some of his early influences.


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