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FTN PRESENTS: 2ComicNerds News! (2CNN)

February 11th, 2014 by 2ComicNerds 5 Comments

Welcome to the first episode of our newest comic news series.

AJ and Heath are here to bring you a new segment, the 2ComicNerds News! (2CNN). The aim of the show is to bring you the latest big comic book reviews in a fashion that only they can. Dip in… you may like it…

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We're AJ, Heath, and Lee together we are 2ComicNerds! We love comicbooks and the entire comic culture. We are also best friends that are now Youtube partners. We're trying to spread our wings a little which is why we're doing reviews for other websites. Only the cool websites ;) Be sure to subscribe to us on Youtube and like and follow us on other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

5 Responses

  1. DCChick332 says:

    Were they trying to be like the Nostalgia Critc or something? They weren’t funny. I’m sorry you guys always put out quality news but this was a step down for you guys.

    • Ben Anonymous says:

      Hi DCChick332,
      We’re sorry you didn’t like 2CN, but we’re big believers in showcasing folk and what they are doing… maybe give them another chance? They may just grow on you…

  2. Jake Tanner says:

    It’s done to be more of a parody than anything. The guys thought they’d deliver some of the bigger news around comic-related mediums in a way they found to be fun! We do hope you’ll give them another chance though!

    • DCChick332 says:

      I’m sorry but this was not a parody this was two guys making fun of things that havent even come out yet. This was low brow and I’m sorry I will not be giving them another chance. This was abhorent with what they were saying. To say the X-Men movie will suck before seeing it? If this is what your site now see’s as quality I’ll search for my news somewhere else. Thank you.

      • Ben Anonymous says:

        I’m sorry you feel that way DCChick, but if one thing on the site appears that you don’t like, surely the best course of action would be simply to avoid that one post?
        We’re thinking the guys will be a monthly thing so it’s not something you’ll have to deal with too often.
        Or, better still, send us some constructive ideas and we may be able to take them on-board before episode II.
        you can email them to me if you like –
        We always welcome comments, criticisms, ideas, etc… so why not reach out rather than leaving? Marc (Head Nerd)

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