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October 28th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

By Geeks On Fire (Space Chief & Spin Dash)

For this installment of our Comic Creator Month pieces we present to you something a little bit different. Instead of a write up of their favorite creators we have a conversation instead. When Spin Dash and Space Chief’s powers combine they are… Geeks On Fire! And they’re talking Superior Spider-Man creator Dan Slott.

Spin Dash: So let’s go because we are the Geeks on Fire and we got a lot to say about Dan Slott, the mad genius of the Spider-Man world. A man who brings out so much emotion from readers.

Space Chief: Yeah I don’t get the hate on the guy…Superior Spider-Man is the best Spidey I’ve read in years! C’mon, does anybody really think some of the older Spider-Man stories hold up? I mean, yeah got to give credit to pioneers but some silver age stories are just corny!

Spin: I mean think of the stories you remember from the golden age of Spidey. The death of Uncle Ben, death of Captain and Gwen Stacy and Peter’s wedding to MJ, but then think of today, I mean Spider Island is one of the biggest arcs in Spidey ever.

Chief: Ends Of the Earth and the death of Silver Sable! The beginnings of Doc Ock’s plans to switch minds! Horizon Labs! Slott has reinvigorated Spidey like nobody’s business! I dig it more than I ever did before! Haters don’t know what they’re missing!

Spin: People hated the fact they took away the marriage of Pete and MJ. But in the long run look what it did for the book. Slott brought so many ideas to the title and created storylines that were so intricate and all encompassing that everything led to Ock taking over.

Chief: I think Dan Slott has made more of a lasting impact on the character than anyone with the exception of Spidey’s original introduction of course and possibly the MacFarlane era! To be honest I hope he keeps Pete dead just a while longer, I am just not ready for Dr. Spiderpus to leave yet!

Spin: And look what we have now. A Spidey that I think we have all waited for, one that has lied dormant in the back of our heads for decades, one that doesn’t take crap from Jameson.

Chief: I’ve said this before on the show, but Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man is almost like a character that jumped in from beyond the 4th wall and is dropping knowledge on everybody! It’s like “Well, this isn’t efficient…I will fix it!”

Spin: Slott has taken everything we have ever wanted Spidey to do and be has made him do it. Going after the bad guys first instead of waiting for them to come to him. Realizing he can create and army instead of doing everything himself.

Chief: But, some Spidey fans want to keep Peter as the mopey teenager indefinitely. You got to let your characters grow and move on, even die if necessary.

Spin: He isn’t Bart Simpson; he can’t be 8 for 30 years. Let the man grow up. We can’t have every issue be him still crying over Uncle Ben’s death.

Chief: Exactly, I have been a Spider-Man fan since I was really little…in fact there were 4 heroes I knew of before I could even read. Superman, Batman, Hulk and Spidey! Honestly until Slott took over I was pretty bored with the guy!

Spin: Slott has brought so much to the title and by pulling on the heartstrings of the readers by killing Peter then teasing his return as he battles for control of his mind, then BAM, Ock comes out victorious.

Chief: I agree, and Ock is written so perfectly. His ego, his in-your-face bluntness, it’s so entertaining watching him turn Parker’s world upside down! And you’re right, killing Peter off and then keeping him dead this long is a brave choice! I admit I wasn’t sure I would dig Ock as Spidey, but Slott made me love him! I wish there was a way to keep him as a permanent fixture of the Marvel Universe!

Spin: And Slott has laid the work for every appearance of spider Ock. Different writers taking a queue from him on how to write him in say Superior Team-Up or Mighty Avengers.

Chief: I noticed that! Ock has a certain attitude.

Spin: I mean look at Superior Carnage when they break into the mayor’s office and there’s Spidey, just how Slott would write him.

Chief: Yes and in Superior Team Up when he is lecturing Cage about how best to defeat Thanos’ army!

Spin: Slott has given all writers the definitive chart on how to write Spidey. And think about how long he has been writing the title, both Amazing and Superior.

Chief: I would rank Dan Slott as one of the best writers of comics of all time. I followed his Amazing Spider-Man right into his transformation into the Superior Spider-Man and I don’t think the character has ever been written or drawn better! Superior is a book that I never miss and the spin offs are becoming must-reads too!

Spin: And Slott has not brought back the Spider-Mobile to my knowledge.

Chief: Hahaha…but he did give him a killer mech suit and a Spider-Army…oh and a really creepy laugh that sends chills up the spine of even The Kingpin!

Spin: Slott has become, I think other than Stan Lee, the best writer of Spider-Man in history. With all respect to MacFarlane, Slott has him beat.

Chief: Minions! Attend Me! Hahaha.

Spin: So Dan Slott, we love you, you are a mad genius who captivates us every month with the adventures of Spider-Ock and his amazing friends.

Chief: I would go a bit further…as a writer of Spider-Man, and with great respect to Stan “The Man” and MacFarlane, Slott is the top…as great as some of the classic stories are, they are pretty rough…

Spin: And today we are getting him taking on the Kingpin, and why?? Because he wants to!

Chief: Good stuff! It’s also a villain fighting crime from a villain’s point of view…never seen Spidey like that.

Spin: Very true. Gone are the days of *crying* Uncle Beeeeeeeeen!

Chief: He doesn’t give up…Peter gave up Spidey how many times? Ock is like hell no, not in my town! And comes back swinging! How great would it be to introduce the Sinister Six with Doc Ock over the next 2 movies, then Amazing Spider-Man 5…The Superior Spider-Man…? Oooooh chills.

Spin: Oh so much awesomeness all from the insane beautiful mind of one man.

Chief: Should have been ASM 4 but hey! Use 4 to bring in the mind swap, then in 5? Full on Superior! Yeah Yuh!

Spin: So to sum it all up stop complaining stop bellyaching and just revel in the genius of Dan Slott.

Chief: Amen!


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