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Marvel Profile – The Incredible Hulk in movies Vs comics

August 20th, 2014 by Marc Comments
Marvel comics are arguably the most famous in the world, with comic book fans salivating at the very idea of a new character hitting their pages. A number of the most prominent Marvel stars have graced the big screen in Hollywood blockbusters such as the X-Men and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy. While the films go down a storm with cinematic fans, comic book buffs prefer to see the storylines played out on paper. In response to this, Gala Casino have been busy comparing the comic character portrayals to the film depictions, which has inspired us to judge comic Hulk to film Hulk. 
The popularity of these characters has ensured that many of them have made the transition from paper to the big screen and The Incredible Hulk has played the starring role in multiple Hollywood blockbusters being played most recently by actor Mark Ruffalo.
But how does the green hero in the comics differ to the green idol in the movies and why do comic fans prefer reading about his adventures as opposed to watching them?
The Incredible Hulk AKA Dr. Bruce Banner 
Main Enemies: The Abomination, Wendigo, The Leader
Powers: When Dr. Bruce Banner gets angry, his scientific genius mind transforms into brute strength as he goes from brains to green-coloured brawn. As The Hulk, he becomes resistant to pain and has super healing powers, ensuring he is almost indestructible.
Comic Background: Banner worked as a super-intelligent nuclear physicist who grew frustrated by a lack of support from his piers when it came to his peaceful work ethics. He helped the US government to design the Gamma Bomb but a civilian strayed onto the testing site promoting Banner to rush to his rescue exposing him to gamma rays, which are what cause the scientist to turn from a regular man into a gigantic muscle-bound monster called The Hulk. When Banner transforms into his alter-ego, he loses almost all recollection of his human self and becomes destructive.
The Movies vs. The Comics
Banner’s Accident: As Gala Casino correctly points out, the accident that causes Banner to mutate from a geeky scientist into a muscle-bound green monster is totally different in the movies to the original comic storyline. In the film, Banner was working for California University at the time of his accident whereas in the comics, he was working for the military when testing on a Gamma Bomb went awry as he saved civilian Rick Jones from being caught up in the explosion and instead exposed himself. Other differences include the storyline that follows Doc Samson, Samuel Sterns and the references to Mr. Blue who turns from a codename for Banner in the comics to a nickname for Sterns in the movies.
The Hulk is one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time and as well as appearing in two feature films, he also stars in the storyline of one of the Avengers films. However, with more than a few changes made to his basic character and plot, it’s easy to see why so many comic fans don’t enjoy seeing the transition from paper to motion picture.

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