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Amell and Gustin Tease Arrow/Flash Crossover

October 20th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

You can literally begin the countdown to the crossover between Arrow and Flash. It seems that more and more we’re getting hints, reveals, teases, and other stuff that drives fanboys crazy. Today is no different, as a set visit let Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin tease even more what’s going to happen in the Arrow/Flash crossover.

An interesting tidbit is that there will apparently be an important moment for Oliver Queen in the Flash episode of the crossover. The origin of which came from Stephen Amell himself.

“It’s my idea. I can’t tell you anything about it other than it relates to Central City. When I saw it in the Flash script, it ended up being really actually quite gratifying. First of all, when I say it was my idea, everyone has ideas all the time. It all goes into a melting pot. I just thought it would be a cool idea. I thought it would be a cool idea for The Flash. It ended up being a cool idea that we were able to utilize me for because we were doing a crossover with The Flash. So it was very professionally gratifying.”

As for the fight scene we all want to see, Amell noted that it was very different than what he has done on Arrow the last few years.

“It was me and Grant. I mean, episode 108 [of The Flash] is called “Flash vs. Arrow.” Our titles aren’t just titles. You can bet based on the title that we fight. So, that whole dynamic — which took place over three nights of shooting — was a very new and different experience for me just from a technical standpoint, just because The Flash has so many effects. We do our fights [on Arrow]. On Monday, we are shooting the biggest fight we’ve ever done on Arrow in an incredibly practical way. I’m shooting 100% of it. I have no double. So that’s crazy and that’s us. This was them.”

Another interesting detail is who will be taking lead during the crossover. As each episode will be featured in Starling and Central City respectively.

“Central City and Starling City are very different places,” Amell noted. “When I go to Central City, it’s very much ‘All right, I’ll tag along, we’ll do things your way.’ And then, the very next night, in our episode it’s, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not in Central City anymore. We’re doing things my way. Things are different here.’ So it’s a really interesting checkpoint for both shows because we’re able to teach these big lessons to the characters. So hopefully Oliver comes out of his trip to Central City having learned something and [Barry] comes out of his trip to Starling City having learned something as well.”

The topic of character interactions came up, while Amell noted he liked working with Carlos Valdes (who plays Cisco), Grant Gustin revealed someone else as the start of the show…

“David Ramsey is the funniest person in the world. Think about Dig seeing The Flash and who Dig is and having to accept that this is reality and he just plays that so well and it’s so funny. It’s great.”

The Flash/Arrow Crossover will happen on the 8th episodes of each season. Stay tuned to FTN for our reviews of it and the episodes of Flash and Arrow leading up to it!

Source: IGN

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