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Big plans lie ahead for Star Wars in Disney theme parks

June 27th, 2013 by Christopher Williams 1 Comment


It seems the House Of Mouse is banking on Star Wars to not only sell movie tickets, but to revitalize their theme parks as well. We told you that Disney was planning to focus a section of their Orlando theme park around Star Wars, but it seems the plans go beyond that as well.

The Orlando Business Journal is reporting that the proposed $200 million renovation would include an expansion similar to the Harry Potter one featuring according to Disney author and expert Chad Emerson, “…new attractions, new creative merchandise and food and beverage options, as well as re-purposing older rides with the Star Wars theme.”

However it didn’t stop there, Emerson also heard that Disney is looking to place Star Wars all around the park, not just in it’s own themed section. Emerson went on to say, ”There also have been conversations of re-themeing the Fantasmic! Night show and introducing a new fireworks show with a Star Wars theme…It’s not just an isolated land I hear they have in mind, and they are not just seeing this as a way to revitalize part of the park. Disney is seeing this Star Wars brand as something that will be sprinkled elsewhere throughout Hollywood Studios and elsewhere through out the resort.”

It seems to me that Disney is banking heavily on the cash cow that Star Wars has always proven to be in the past. Of course at the end of the day, no matter how much this nets Disney, the fans will also come out as winners.

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