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CELEBRATION EUROPE II: Day 2 – “No disintegration…”

July 27th, 2013 by bash Comments


Our man Paddy (right) with Daniel Logan

While this was day 2 for FTN, for the thousands of people attending Celebration Europe II in Essen, Germany this was the first day of a special weekend of Star Wars celebrations.

Having arrived slightly early for the doors opening we found literally thousands of people lined up for the event. Now remember, this is a small town/city in the centre of Germany yet every nationality seemed to be represented in the line-up outside.

Having seen the construction of the arena the previous day, we arrived to find the venue finished and staff raring to go with books, comics, clothing etc all ready for purchase. What a wonderful feeling.

As for your favourite online nerd crew, well we mingled, got photographs with hot stormtrooper ladies, attended the Attack of the Clones 3D premiere and then got chatting with two of the coolest bounty hunters in Star Wars history – Daniel Logan and Temeura Morrison.

Yep, that’s right. We chatted to Boba and Jango Fett and not two nicer people you will meet. Mr Morrison talked to our man Paddy during a great video interview (coming soon) while his younger on-screen son ended up taking us outside for a cigarette and a good 30 minute chat on and off screen. I’ll not give much more away but will say that they’re both great guys and hopefully we’ll have both interviews online very soon.

Well, after that you could say it was all downhill and you could well be right. My colleague Paddy and I headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the Return of the Jedi outdoor screening only to arrive back in Essen to see a smile upon the face of FTN chief Marc’s face. Yep, he’d spoken to Mark Hamill himself who has a promised an interview with your favourite nerd site tomorrow. We cannot wait….

As fot the Jedi screening outside in a nearby park. Well, it was the perfect end to a perfect day. Despite drizzle earlier in the day, things brightened up as thousands of Star Wars fans descended on the main park for a massive live outdoor 30th anniversary screening of this classic film…. and man did it not disappointment.

FTN just loves this movie but to enjoy it with fellow Star Wars fans from across the world was something special…. especially when thousands of voices cried out “It’s a trap” as Admiral Ackbar uttered his infamous line. Wow, what a moment.

Anyway, this very tired nerd is about to head to bed but I hope you’ve enjoyed are limited coverage so far but we promise a lot more to come so please stick with us for the ultimate coverage of Celebration Europe II.

May The Force Be With You….

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