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COMIC REVIEW: The X-Files season 10 #2 – ‘Believers’

July 17th, 2013 by bash Comments


X-Files season 10 #2

Story by Joe Harris and Chris Carter

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Shawn Lee

Publisher IDW

What a great second issue from Joe Harris and Chris Carter. When we finished #1 Scully had been shot and taken away by mysterious characters very much in the paranormal mode.

As #2 begins we find Mulder tryng to unravel what is going on firstly with the help of Deputy Director Skinner and lastly, and, more amazingly, the return of three characters we presumed dead from season 9 of the TV series.

While some purists, and I’m including myself in this, might find the appearance of The Loan Gunman as slightly absurd given their demise towards the end of the final season, we really should have known better. Nothing is as it seems here and thankfully the explanation behind their ‘deaths’ is explained in #2 and is the stuff of X-Files conspiracy legend.

On top of that, and in an investigation seemingly unconnected to Scully’s disappearance, the welcome return of Agent John Doggett definitely brought a smile to my face. While many fans were uneasy with Robert Patricks’ character ‘taking over’ as the leading man following the departure of David Duchovny I for one warmed to him immediately.

While he disappointingly did not appear in I Want to Believe his return here was a great surprise. It will be interesting to see how he becomes part of the overall story arc as things begin to unfold.


One of the things I loved from #1 was the fact that Carter and co have continued with a key story from the main TV series. At last we understand the central theme of this series – Mulder and Scully’s baby, William.

However, one thing we’re being kept in the dark on in part 2 of Believers is the identify of these strange hooded characters with glowing eyes – The Acolytes. Are they super-soldiers, alien hyrids or the infamous bounty hunters.

#2 has gripped me like I never thought it would and keeps the spirit of Mulder and Scully very much alive. Roll on #3.

5 out of 5 nerds

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