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Confusion reigns over status of Prometheus sequel

March 28th, 2013 by bash Comments

Confusion over the status of a Prometheus sequel has erupted online after Bloody Disgusting reported that Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are ‘freaking out’ over how to continue the story.

The site reported that the main reason for the worry was over writer Damon Lindelof jumping ship and leaving Fox and Scott without a script for the follow-up

“Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally ‘freaking out’ over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy,” the site reported.

However, the good folks over at /Film received an email from Lindelof after asking for clarification on the matter. The writer responded be saying that he declined to pen the sequel due to his busy schedule, and directly addressed the claims that Scott and Fox are in a tiff over how to continue the story.

“As to whether Ridley and Fox are ‘freaking out’ about me not working on a sequel, well that’s news to me,” he said. “I retain awesome relationships with both. More importantly, the idea that there aren’t many, MANY writers out there capable of taking the reins is sort of ridiculous. I did not map out a trilogy and then walk when the going got tough. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know me and doesn’t know the truth.”

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