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E3 Begins! Watch Bethesdas Conference Right Here! 7pm. PT/3am. GMT

June 15th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


E3 starts earlier than usual with Bethesda kicking things off with their conference. Fans got an insight into what may be occurring during a test of their Twitch stream earlier, when a microphone picked up two execs from Arkane studios discussing their presentation.

We now know some one is going to make a joke during the presentation of something to do with Dishonoured, most likely a sequel.I have concerns about how funny it will be given that I’m now expecting it but hey, I’ll give them a chance on that front 🙂

We will likely get some Fallout 4 Gameplay video no mention of Skyrim to date but I’m sure they’ll find some sort of sop for the Elder Scrolls fans, could even be some paid mods……

We will get more details on Doom. Yes, technically Doom 5 but who’s counting? I mean it’s not like a bunch of nerds will get upset about a reboot, right?

The event kicks off at 7pm PT or 3am GMT

Legendgerry will be live tweeting throughout the conference, you can follow him on @legendgerry

All opinions are his own etc. etc.
Watch live video from Bethesda on

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