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Exploding Kittens are Blowing Up on Kickstarter!

January 21st, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Exploding Kittens is a card game with art from the twisted mind behind The Oatmeal, a web comic of some repute. A Kickstarter to publish the game launched yesterday and it is well on it’s way to smashing all records.



The game itself is a simple enough concept, players take turns drawing cards until one of them draws an exploding kitten, if the player can’t play a card that stops the Kitten blowing up or one that makes it another players problem instead he’s out.Simples.

It’s not going to replace Agricola as a hardcore gamer favourite but it will definitely have a place alongside other quick casual games like Love2Hate or Tessen.

In addition to the normal edition there is also a  NSFW set of cards available that can be added to the game if your playing with a more, shall we say “advanced” group of players.  As of yet there are no stretch goals announced but we are assured there are some on the way.

They are working with the people who make Cards Against Humanity on the production end and aim to have the games out to backers within weeks of the Kickstarters completion.

Ultimately the game looks like fun to me, it’s pledge levels are reasonably priced even when converted to proper money and I’m sure the game will be delivered. I’d recommend getting in on it, now. Click here or the KS on the video to go to the project page


PS: I’m not one bit sorry for my puntastic title.



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