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FIRST LOOK: Superior Iron Man

July 17th, 2014 by Edwin Torres Jr 1 Comment

Marvel is shaking things up, first they announced a female Thor, then Falcon is Captain America. Now via Mashable, we get some details on Superior Iron Man.

Beginning in November, Superior Iron Man will take the place of Marvel’s Iron Man comic book for an indefinite run, with Stark relocating to the City by the Bay. The storyline has Stark releasing a mobile app — a version of his Extremis tech that was largely the basis of the film Iron Man 2 — which offers users the promise of beauty, perfection … and possibly immortality.

Those things will, of course, come at a terrible price — and throw Stark’s status as one of the good guys into question. In fact, Stark’s mad-genius move will pit him against Daredevil, also a recent transplant to San Francisco, as the “Man Without Fear” won’t take kindly to Stark’s vision.

Writer Tom Taylor and artist Yildray Cinar will collaborate on the book, which spins off of upcoming Marvel event series Avengers & X-Men: AXIS.

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso tells Mashable:

“What we’re doing here is a little different — it’s Tony Stark, the one and only Tony Stark — and in the aftermath of the Axis event, he will surrender to his id and his legendary ego. You’ll see Tony in a new place spiritually and intellectually.”

In case yor wondering if thios is some future Tony Stark due to all the Marvel time travel that’s been going on, Alonso says he’s the real deal:

“Yes, this is Tony. What you’re seeing in Superior Iron Man is a Tony Stark who’s seen both his worst and best impulses all let loose. It is Tony, but he’s going to be in a zone now where he’s never been. He’s more ambitious, cunning, egotistical … all of those quantities are unharnessed. He has a vision for the world. I like to think his position is defensible — controversial, but defensible.”

What do you think about what Marvel is doing?


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