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Guillermo del Toro talks his apocalyptic Hellboy 3 story

July 13th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr 1 Comment

With director Guillermo del Toro once again working with Ron Pearlman in Pacific Rim, there’s been a lot of talk about Hellboy 3 lately. So the director discussed this  on Empire’s Podcast, saying:

“[The groundswell of support for Hellboy 3] has been very active. It’s really quite big. And we need to do it in the next six or seven years because Ron [Perlman] isn’t getting any younger, and I don’t think you want Hellboy chasing anyone in a Rascal. We need to do it soon!

I could tell you the story from beginning to end right now. He turns into the beast of the apocalypse – spoilers there for those who like the comics – and needs to bring some apocalypse down. Right now, that bar has been raised considerably in the last three or four movies of the summer. Really bringing down the apocalypse is going to be a little expensive!

I haven’t seen [The World’s End] yet, but I’ve seen Star Trek Into Darkness, where accidentally they destroy half of San Francisco. I’m not sure if Hellboy 3 will happen. I asked Mike [Mignola, the creator of the Hellboy comics for Dark Horse Comics] if I could do it as a comic instead, and he said the comics were his domain. ‘In the comics, Hellboy does what I tell him to do,’ he says. That’s fair.

So if that doesn’t work out, I’ll hold camp fires and sing Kumbayah and tell the story to everyone who wants to listen to it. Let’s do this: the moment Ron gets a Rascal, I’ll come back to the podcast tell you all the whole story.”

Having some s’mores around a campfire listening to Del Toro tell his Hellboy 3 story, yeah I’ve had worse nights. 

I’d love for them to finish up Hellboy’s story, but it doesn’t look too promising. Del Toro doesn’t seem overly confident that the studios will give him the budget he needs to make it happen. Would you like to see the end of the Hellboy trilogy?

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