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UPDATE: Lucasfilm debunk JJ Abrams Star Wars departure rumours

July 22nd, 2013 by bash 1 Comment

It seems that any truth in the rumour that JJ Abrams will be stepping down as director of Star Wars: Episode VII are false.

A short statement from Lucasfilm said: “There is no truth to the rumor. JJ is having a great time working on the script and is looking forward to going into production next year.”

Well that’s that then!


Badass Digest is reporting from multiple sources that JJ Abrams is close to dropping out of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Abrams has already expressed his uneasiness with shooting the movie in England (presumably because he will be away from his family).

While the site says this news wasn’t recent, the rumours of his leaving the project continue to grow.

Badass also says these rumours will have more substance if there’s no announcement of any kind at Germany’s Celebration Europe II regarding Episode VII and Abrams isn’t present.

More as we get it.

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