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Legends Of Tomorrow Bringing In BIG DC Group For Season 02!

May 21st, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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WARNING!!!! Major spoilers for the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow ahead!!!!

…still here? Good!

At the end of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip and his slightly smaller Legends team were met by a man in a wrecked Waverider. His name was Rex Tyler…and he claimed to be sent by Mick Rory of the future to save the Legends team…oh, and he said he was part of the Justice Society of America!!!!!!

Why is that huge? Well, the JSA was THE superhero group before the Justice League came about. And in many continuities, it was the JSA that sparked the trend of teaming up to save the world, including inspiring (and in some ways training) the Justice League when it became their turn to shine. So to have the JSA on ANY live-action DC Comics medium is huge. And we’ve already got our first confirmed member via Rex Tyler, who is Hourman in DC Comics lore, and long-standing member o the JSA.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim talked about the impact of the JSA in Legends of Tomorrow Season 02. Including the fact that he was happy the network didn’t shoot him down:

“God bless both the studio and the network. They’ve never said, ‘This is too big. You can’t do it.’ They have often said, ‘Jeez, this is so big, how are you going to do it?’ They say that a lot. They’re always asking us how the hell we’re going to pull something off. Inevitably, our answer is, ‘We literally have no idea. But we’ll figure out a way.’”

This reveal though wouldn’t feel true though without the new mission statement of the Legends team. Before, it was about “saving” the timestream from Vandal Savage, only to find out that the Time Masters had been “guiding” events in time through a device called the Oculus. However, the Legends (via a heroic sacrifice from Captain Cold) destroyed the Oculus, thus leaving time open for both saving and destruction. This will be the new focus of the show going forward:

“One of the other big things we’ve done in the season finale is we planted another flag in the form of Rip’s [Arthur Darvil] statement. Because the Time Masters are essentially gone and the Legends have destroyed the Oculus, that all means that someone else has to do the job of the Time Masters. Our Legends take that on as their new responsibility. It’s sort of like, you break it, you buy it.

That’s really exciting to us, that our team of Legends, our misfits, are going to be responsible for the preservation of the timeline and protection of history,. As we’ve seen, our team, our guys are not always the most responsible people around so maybe time has got some new troubles. But it will provide a lot of fodder, a lot of fun story for season two.”

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