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LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who and Portal 2 expansion packs revealed

May 11th, 2015 by Saxon Comments


Thanks to Eurogamer, we have a look at some of the new LEGO Dimensions level packs, including Doctor Who, Jurassic World, Scooby Doo and Portal 2! 


From these official artwork images released by LEGO, you can see that the Doctor Who set will come with the 12th Doctor in mini figure form (complete with sonic screwdriver) plus mini versions of the Tardfis and K9! The Portal 2 pack will feature Chell with Portal Gun, as well as a turret and laser block.  This is a pretty big deal, especially for Whovians, as this is the first time that Who has been featured in LEGO form, after a set was approved by LEGO Ideas earlier in the year.


As mentioned above further sets include characters from Jurassic World – with Chris Pratt and a trained Velociraptor, while the Scooby Doo set features the titular character alongside Shaggy and a miniature Mystery Machine!

More sets are due soon – including Back to the Future – with a release date of September 29th.


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