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New Images and Details for Netflix’s Daredevil Series

December 20th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments


Daredevil-1Though there is only a release window of 2015 for the highly anticipated series, Daredevil is still giving fans glimpses and hints as to what’s going to come to Netflix next year.

Chief among them is new images like the one above and below. But also, there is some news regarding whether Matt Murdock will don the red outfit he’s so associated with.

The answer…is yes.

But wait, there’s still more! Anyone who may be worried that Daredevil will be too superheroy need not worry:

“There aren’t going to be people flying through the sky; there are no magic hammers,” Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb tells the outlet. “We’ve always approached this as a crime drama first, superhero show second.”


UPDATE!: Now we have a description on the other Daredvil costume that will be shown in the upcoming Netflix series. Check it out!

“The scene in question starts with the Kingpin ordering his goons to shoot Daredevil, and at the last minute Daredevil grabs a pipe on the ground and throws it, knocking the gun out of his hand,” according to one source on set. “The suit Daredevil was wearing is black with red and looked like a latex scuba suit. He also confirmed it also having red lines down it as highlights as well.”

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