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Raid 2 director Gareth Evans would be down to helm an Iron Fist movie if it was rated R

January 24th, 2014 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Ever since the Iron Fist Netflix series was announced many have been wondering whether Iron Fist would be showing up in the MCU. If and when that ever happens one would be hard pressed to find a better action director than Gareth Evans (The Raid, The Raid 2).

While talking to Total Film the subject of Iron Fist came up, Gareth Evans reveals that people have mentioned  him before.

When they mentioned there’s a popular martial-arts comic book character called Iron Fist:

Ah yeah, a few people have mentioned that to me before.”

 About whether he’d be interested in doing a comic book movie like that if it had a style and a concept you’d be interested in:

Totally, yeah. I’m not averse to it. My big thing right now is figuring out how to do that action style – and would someone like Marvel let me do a R-rated movie?

This isn’t me going against PG-13 movies, it’s just that the way I shoot action, it doesn’t need to be bloody or aggressive or ‘stabby stabby’ with knives, but it’s about when someone swings a punch and there’s a connection there, I’m not going to hide that with a camera. I get involved with the guys in that choreography design so I can understand the intricacies of what they’ve done, so that when I shoot it, what the camera angles should be and the editing should be, it’s doing justice to all the work they’ve put into it.

In PG-13 action, you hide the chaos and fill it with sound. That’s something I can’t do. So [if I made a comic book movie], it’d have to be an R.”

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