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Richard Armitage cast in ‘Hannibal’ as the Tooth Fairy Killer

January 14th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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The Hobbit alum Richard Armitage is set to sink his teeth into another meaty role as the voyeuristic schizoid Francis Dolarhyde a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy. Armitage is set to guest star in six episodes in the horror series, which is adapted from Thomas Harris’s popular novels “Hannibal,” “Hannibal Rising” and “The Red Dragon.”

The news was confirmed via a tweet by the network NBC:

One of the most famous killers in the books, next to The Silence of the Lambs’ “Buffalo ‘it-rubs- the-lotion-on-it’s-skin’ Bill,” Dolarhyde has been portrayed twice before on the big-screen by actors Tom Noonan (Michael Mann’s Manhunter), and Ralph Fiennes (Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon).

While season three isn’t expected to play out the “Red Dragon” storyline as that is expected to occur in season four according to creator Bryan Fuller’s plans, it is thought that Dolarhyde will merely be introduced into the TV serious this year (Fullar mentioned at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, that Dolarhyde would be coming to Season 3, with plans to debut in Episode 8).

Fuller also stated that the Marlowe murders Will Graham was using as a teaching tool in the pilot episode were actually the Dolarhyde home invasion murders. So bringing Dolarhyde back into the latter half of season 3 will reaffirm to viewers that the show is still sitting on that storyline and that it hasn’t been chucked.

What do you think of the casting choice? Do you think Armitage will be good in the role of the sadistic serial killer Francis Dolarhyde?

Source: IGN

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