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Sony wants Bill Murray for Ghostbusters Reboot

October 15th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

We just… I… I mean… where do we even BEGIN?! 

Believe it or not Ghostheads, but there is a tiny chance that Dr. Peter Venkman himself, Bill Murray will show up in the new Ghostbusters reboot which was announced last week.

Speaking to Variety, Murray said that he had been approached by Sony numerous times over the years about returning to his role as Dr. Venkman, but had shot them down each time as he didn’t wish to be involved in another studio franchise.   “The studio was really crazy about it,” he said. “What they really want to do is resurrect a franchise.”

But now it seems that the news of the all-female reboot has sparked his interest, and if the material is right, he could be making a cameo appearance.  Awesome news, right?


Here’s why – the new movie is a complete reboot of the franchise.  Which means the original boys in grey never existed.  So don’t go thinking this will be some sort of grandiose passing-of-the-torch cameo, oh no, this will be far worse.  No doubt it’ll be a cheap one liner gag spouted by Murray playing a bystander.  Hardly a fitting tribute to one of the greatest comedians and actors of our time, let alone to the iconic Dr. Venkman.  And what’s worse?  THIS is the Ghostbusters project Murray agrees to?! Seriously what is the point of going to so much trouble to bring an original actor back if they’re not going to play the same role?

Ghostbusters, chewed up and spat out by… sorry… written and directed by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, starts filming next year.

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