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Star Wars’ John Boyega picks his side in Civil War… do you agree?

March 13th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments


It looks as though every corner of Hollywood is interested in weighing in on Captain America: Civil War.

Now, Star Wars: The Force Awakens breakout actor John Boyega has declared himself #TeamCap.

Boyega, who recently won the BAFTA Rising Star award for his part in reviving the Star Wars franchise Friday, wrote on Twitter: “I’m with Captain America. FULLY.”

Boyega teased fans that went for #TeamIronMan, saying, “You can keep your government registration” and “Enjoy that super hero police badge.” He pointed out that the moments cited in the trailer weren’t heroes’ faults. “All those cities destroyed by villains, not heroes,” he tweeted.

“If I’m in a burning building I hope Iron Man doesn’t have to wait for his badge to come through the post before he saves me. #teamcap.”

But even before Team Cap, Boyega gave his full support to Poe Dameron: “Anyway, above all #teampoe.”

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