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The Arrow Drops Hints About Season 3

October 13th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

The Arrow himself Stephen Amell took to the NYCC stage over the weekend and dropped some interesting hints and tidbits about what we will be seeing in Season 3 of Arrow.

First off, numerous hints were dropped about Laurel becoming Black Canary after the death of Sara. No clues as to when that would happen episode wise, but it’s a start!

The Merlyns are both coming back this season. With Tommy appear (somehow) in the Hong Kong flashbacks. His father meanwhile will appear in episode 3, and will confront Oliver. Then, in episode 9 (which is the mid season finale), him and Oliver will have the longest fight in Arrow history. A swordfight lasting nine minutes. Wow.

A question about the introduction of other heroes to the Arrowverse brought a curious response from Amell, he stated that the “number of heroes would be important in the resolution of Season 3”. Interesting…especially since it was he who said that they were going to have their own Justice League on the TV screen…

Finally, the titles for the Arrow/Flash crossover have been reversed. Now the first part will be “Arrow vs. Flash” and the second will be “The Brave and the Bold.

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