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Watch Dogs gets an explosive new trailer and a release date!

April 29th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

In this age of sequels and prequels, it’s always nice to get what looks to be a pretty promising new IP.

A new gameplay trailer below shows off new footage of protagonist Aiden Pearce running, biking, and even on top of a train, all to get away from the law.

“I wasn’t always this guy. They crossed a line. And for that, I’ll make them pay. I’ll turn their city against them.”

Then we see Pearce rampaging around the city causing mayhem with guns and gadgetry, before a final metting with a new character, an unnamed tattooed female, who looks to be an ally.

The concept of Watch Dogs is awesome and promises a lot, and if the latest trailer is any indication, it looks like it might actually deliver on that promise. The amount of control you have on the world around you is like something out of the movies, and the transition from action to manipulating the objects and the environment looks completely fluid and seamless. I hope the story can live up to the gameplay, something that other open world games have struggled with before. If it does then this might be the game to beat come holiday season.

With this trailer also comes news of a release date, November 21st. Let us know what you think?



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