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WATCH: Simon Kinberg talks Star Wars Rebels and his responsibilities on the show

May 9th, 2014 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Writer-Producer Simon Kinberg is involved in three huge franchises: Fantastic Four, X-Men, and the big daddy of them all Star Wars.

As far as Star Wars, he’s not just involved with the live-action films. He’s also a co-creator, executive producer, and writer on the upcoming Star Wars animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Kinberg recently spoke with Collider about Rebels and revealed a few tidbits. Season one of Rebels will 16 episodes long, and that he’s not only writing the two-part premiere, but the season finale as well.  He also suggested that this pattern would be repeated in future seasons, with him writing the premiere and the finale:

“I am the co-creator of Star Wars Rebels, the executive producer of the show, and I’ve written a bunch of episodes.  So when it airs, it will be in a sort of “Movie-of-the-Week” format where two episodes air back-to-back, and I wrote those two episodes.  And then I wrote the season finale that we’re just working on now… And then as the executive producer, I will read all the scripts.  I will sometimes run a pen through them and rewrite stuff in the scripts that lots of other really talented writers have worked on.  I will watch cuts of the show, I will give notes on whatever I think about performance or score or animation, but they have such an amazing team of people, many of whom are Clone Wars alums like Dave Filoni, who’s as much of a creative voice on the show as anybody.  So they put a great team together.  They really know what they’re doing.  And I will come in, and look at stuff, and give input, and occasionally write episodes.  So the first season I’m responsible for writing three episodes—the first two and the last one.”

Kinberg was also asked about writing dialogue for original trilogy characters, some of which are rumored to be in Rebels:

“Writing dialogue for any of the legacy characters is as big a thrill as anything I’ve ever had in my life.  I said this to [producer Kathleen Kennedy] that when I open up a Final Draft document, and I tab over to “Character” and it’s a character from the original films—to be nameless until people see them—but if it’s a character from the original films, just typing in those letters and then that being the recorded name in that name database for that script is as surreal, and perhaps more so, than anything I’ve experienced in my career.”

You can watch the entire interview with Kinberg below:

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