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Concept art from George Miller’s Justice League revealed

May 31st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



When a movie fails to be made, whether it’s scrapped pre-production, or it’s cancelled mid-shooting, you have to wonder how things might have looked if it had made the full way.
For the failed Justice League: Mortal movie, there were a lot of questions about what the characters would’ve looked like had the film gotten made. Famously, Armie Hammer (who would’ve played Batman) had apparently seen art (or an early model) of the Batsuit he was going to wear and was extremely excited.
Now, thanks to some Twitter posts from the documentary page of Justice League: Mortal, we have some concept art on how two of the Justice League members may have turned out. In this case, Wonder Woman (seen in feature pic above) and Aquaman:


It’s interesting to note a couple of things. First off, these weren’t the final looks, but rather potential looks they could’ve had. In the case of Wonder Woman, you can make out that she’s wearing a variation (if not a full-on) of her golden age skirt.
Aquaman on the other hand honestly looks like the comic book version of the character, with some additions of course.
Megan Gale would have played Wonder Woman and Santiago Cabrera would’ve done Aquaman had the film gone through. We’re obviously getting new versions in the upcoming movies, but it is nice to see what could have been.

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