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Do we know of any links between Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane yet? Yes, we do…

February 13th, 2016 by Brian Cairns Comments

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One of the most interesting elements of Cloverfield was the viral marking buildup that engulfed those interested in the film. It was one of the first big ARGs (Augmented Reality Games).

And now looks like the part sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane will have an simular viral marketing campaign.

The original campaign was fairly elaborate though the main focus involved Slusho a Japanese drink, a fictional drilling company named Tagruato developed the drink using a mysterious ingredient called “seabed’s nectar”.

An environmental group called “TIDO Wave” was uncovered that Taguaato were behind a new drilling operation on “Chauo Station” that wasn’t far from New York, however the station had been destroyed and a cover-up operation was being deployed implementing TIDO Wave as a terrorist organisation.

This backstory filled in some gaps of the events leading to the film itself,  it now seems new information from Tagruato has been unveiled by fans.

E-Mail from Tagruato;

Fans who had heavly participated in the viral ARG got a response from Tagruato after an eight year hiatus,



Due to new security protocols, this account is no longer active. All correspondence is monitored and will be responded to appropriately.

Thank you for your interest.

Vanessa Gwon
Director of Public Relations
*Employee of the Month: 2016 January*]

Now you might think the above e-mail is just a generic auto-responder, but the line under the Vanessa Gwon’s title is highlighted for a reason: to point out this this is a new correspondence for 2016.

So far no clues have been uncovered from this email itself, although it’s more to show that “something” is or will be appearing soon.

Meanwhile, another possible clue coming from the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailers itself has created interest

Swamp Pop Soda;

Cloverfield fanatics quickly discovered that a website exists for Swamp Pop soda seen in the trailer amd were able to order merchandise and soda, much like you could on the original Slusho website. One of the products listed on the website is a “long-term shelter supply” was is sold out.

Also dedicated contributor for a blog named Cloverfield Clues contacted Swamp Pop about the Long Term Shelter Supply and received the following response:

*Note that the the number 4813 also happens to be the same number that was punched into the jukebox at the beginning of the trailer*

(Just out of interest I did a quick search for jukebox 4813 and this was the top result I found – no idea if this could be in anyway related though the title of the song is curious at least)

Some fan also ordered Swamp Pop Soda from the website and have already received their orders which have included puzzle pieces, just like in the trailer.

The fan community have combined their resources and discovered that the puzzle pieces come from a jigsaw of the Eiffel Tower.

What does the Eiffel Tower or Paris have to do with the film, most likely nothing other than a clever marketing gimmick.

Interestingly, the Swamp Pop product is a real soda which was used in the film as product placement and the website is for the company that makes it. So even though it is a cool touch from the company to include puzzle pieces, it doesn’t seem to hint towards any greater clues from the move other than tell us what the jigsaw puzzle is.

A perfect candidate to really get the viral marketing going for fans would be further Dharma Initiative connections, as most Cloverfield fans will know, the logo was seen in the video footage near the end, could the sequel add to that, especially with the sequel being set prominently in a hidden shelter…we can only wait and see what other secrets may be revealed for the upcoming film.

10 Cloverfield Lane will be released in cinemas on 11th March 2016

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