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Feige: Ant-man script needs rewrites

May 3rd, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

See? When you create a universe as vast as Marvel are in their movies, sooner or later things can get complicated…

Kevin Feige has today said that the current script for the Ant-Man movie will have to be rewritten in order for it to be brought into line with the other Marvel franchises. Although this will ring alarm bells among fans, the script as it stands, written by Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright (he will also direct), is eight years old and the Marvel universe has changed considerably with the success of not only the Avengers but Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. It will also have to incorporate the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly Spider-man and X-Men (what? We can hope, can’t we?).

Feige says that by the end of the year they will be looking at casting and finalizing the script. He says that it brings a whole new spin to the character while remaining true to the comic mythology. As well as the planned Doctor Strange it seems yet another chapter in Marvel history is about to begin.

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