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Guillermo Del Toro leaving DC/Warners’ Justice League Dark?

July 1st, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


With all of the DC properties that are currently in production, one could be forgiven for forgetting about Guillermo Del Toro’s, Justice League Dark. It has been quite some time since we have heard any news on the project, leading some to believe that it may have been permanently shelved.

However, it would seem that Warner Bros are still set on bringing the project to the big screen. According to a report in the Hollywood reporter, Warners is shuffling around some of its comic book properties. New Line Cinema will produce films based on Vertigo properties, such as Sandman, while Warner Bros will produce DC projects, such as Justice League Dark, directly.

However, while this is good news, it would seem that there is some bad to accompany it. According to reports, Guillermo Del Toro may have to step away from the project to work on Pacific Rim 2.

While I am interested in Justice League Dark as a concept, the thing that got me truly excited for the project was Del Toro’s involvement. I personally hope that we will see Del Toro direct, as his sensibilities as a director would be perfect to bring the magical side of the DC Universe to life.

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