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Hulk to join the battle in Thor: Ragnarok

October 13th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments

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Thor: Ragnarok has had a surprising amount of news come out over the past few days, especially considering that the film is still over two years away. However, the most interesting rumour is that Hulk may be in the new film.

According to a report from JoBlo, Thor and the Hulk will team up in the film on a distant planet that is “not Asgard and not Earth”. This has lead many comic fans to believe that the planet in question is Sakarr, the world from the storyline, Planet Hulk. Which may mean that Marvel is considering a Planet Hulk storyline.

While I do admit that this would be an exciting prospect, I can’t help but feel this isn’t the case. Thor is the last Marvel movie to come out before Infinity War begins, so it doesn’t feel that there would be a lot of time to tell this story, as we already know The Hulk will play a part in the war.

As well as this, Thor: Ragnorok is already appearing to be a film on a massive scale and squeezing in the Planet Hulk storyline on top of this doesn’t seem possible to me. However, in two years time, we could be all sitting here laughing at how poorly I called this. Only time will tell.

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