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Jay and Silent Bob are coming back… Snootchie Bootchies!

March 2nd, 2016 by James Campbell Comments


Jay and Silent Bob are two of Kevin Smith’s most iconic creations. The image of the two, leaning against a variety of walls, is burned into the image of Generation X filmgoers. The two characters have such a witty rapport with one another that it surprised me when I realised that we have not seen them on screen since Clerks 2.

With this in mind, it is with great joy that I can say that Jay and Silent Bob will be returning in Kevin Smith’s upcoming film, Moose Jaws.

In a recent interview, Smith described the film as, “Jaws‬ but with a moose instead of a shark”. He went on to say that: “This is probably the stupidest of all three of my #‎MidlifeCrisisMovies‬ and also my favorite script I’ve ever written… Before you leave this world, find a way to make all your dopey dreams come true, Kids (so long as it doesn’t physically hurt anybody) – otherwise, what are you doing with all that limited time you’ve been given? Dream big and dream stupid (the stupid ones are the most fun to dream and, ironically, the easiest to make real)”. 

There has been no announcement as to what their role in the film will be, but it will be interesting to see Smith and Mewes return to the roles after so significant a length of time.

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