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Joe Russo talks about Wolverine coming over to the MCU…

April 28th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Spider-Man coming home by joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe felt like a watershed moment in the superhero movie genre. After being booted and rebooted by Sony, with varying degrees of success, the studio finally agreed to relinquish exclusive rights to the character, therefore paving the way to an agreement with Marvel Studios to share.

That has given us Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and will also allow Iron Man to drop in on Spidey’s solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, next year. But what about the rest of Marvel’s property that’s tied up with other studios? The biggie is, of course, the X-Men, who have been comfortably settled and making plenty of money for 20th Century Fox for nearly two decades now.

Because of this – and the glorious success of Deadpool too – Fox giving up their rights to the X-Men universe seems highly unlikely at this stage, but that hasn’t stopped Civil War co-director Joe Russo declaring his wish to one day see Wolverine in the MCU, fighting super-villains alongside Spider-Man and the Avengers.

“I started collecting comics when I was 10,” Joe told Flickering Myth, “so Spider-Man was my favourite character. [Civil War’s] interpretation of the character is based on how I felt about the character as a child. There was an incredible relate-ability to the fact he was a 16-year-old dealing with girls, acne and high-school problems while he was also this incredibly powerful Marvel superhero.”

“Another character of a favourite of mine growing up was Wolverine, which obviously is a character we don’t have the rights to. But if we were to have an opportunity to interpret that character it would be equally as inspiring to me as Spider-Man.”

For now though, we can only dream of Wolverine lining up alongside the rest of the MCU gang. Would he be the next character you’d like to see jump ship from another studio and come back home to Marvel?

Source: Squareeyed

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