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Karl Urban talks Dredd sequel and Dark Judges mini-series on the way

October 7th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Karl Urban sounding more positive about Dredd sequel by judging fan reaction.

There is nothing new as far as information is concerned on the Dredd sequel front, but star Karl Urban spoke briefly about the tentative stage that the sequel is at in regards to whether it is likely to happen whilst at a Star Trek convention recently.

“I’m incredibly proud of that film and it means a lot to me,” Urban said.

“And there are a lot of people working very, very hard to deliver a sequel because it is amazing how many people come up to me and say, ‘I really would like to see another installment of that film.’ I’m meeting with the filmmakers actually on this trip and there’s a lot of people trying to make it happen. If it does happen, it’s going to be phenomenal and if it’s just a one-off event, then so be it, but we’re trying.”

Dredd has already had its second annual “Day of Dredd”, in which fans supported the movie by rallying to buy, rent and stream the movie on places like Amazon and Netflix, in the hopes of generating more revenue to send a message that there is ample support out there to warrant a sequel.

Meanwhile, Adi Shanker – who produced dredd and is also a major advocate in this campaign – has announced that Dark Judges will be featured in a miniseries, which will be free to obtain Online.

Shankar has told TheWrap that he has spent the last two years secretly putting together a web-series based on the Dark Judges from the world of Judge Dredd.

Shankar is on the same page as Urban and Olivia Thrilby when it comes to the passion and loyalty the fans have displayed towards Dredd 3D and has also expressed via twitter many times that the online campaign has been fundamental in building up a passionate fan base that has left thousands of online fans clamoring for a sequel to the Karl Urban/Olivia Thirlby film. So it is nice that he has decided to do this.

The Dark Judges are undead, recurring Judge Dredd villains (below), judges form an alternate dimension led by Judge Death, who believes that since all crime is committed by the living therefore all life is inherently criminal. They’ve long been rumored as follow-up villains in a prospective second or third Dredd film.

Whilst he remains sceptical about how difficult it will be to make a Dredd sequel, he’ll likely win some friends with Dark Judges.


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