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Looks like Marvel are finally moving ahead with a Black Widow standalone movie

January 11th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Holy crap! Could the much rumoured and called for Black Widow movie finally be moving ahead?

Well, yes, apparently…

According to Variety Scarlett Johansson may be finally getting her solo adventure with comedy alien invasion movie The Shower’s scribe Jac Schaeffer on writing duties.

Word is that Marvel Movie President Kevin Feige met with several writers but chose Schaeffer for the gig with the two now working with Johansson to work out what exactly a Black Widow movie might be.

Having played the character in six movies since first appearing in Iron Man 2 fans reckon it’s long past time she stepped into the spotlight herself.

What say you all? Are you up for a Black Widow standalone movie? Let us know…

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