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Marvel have the rights to Taskmaster? Well, are we going to see him on-screen or what?!

December 30th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


When one begins to take count of all the figures in Marvel Comics, it becomes clear that Marvel’s Film Department seems to have most of them back. There are a few exceptions, such as Fantastic Four and the X-Men, but with these notable exceptions, the majority of them are under one roof. Which is why it took me by surprise to see that the Internet was shocked that Marvel Studios owns the rights to Taskmaster.

The reason that this has all come up is that during an interview for Deadpool, Tim Miller was discussing who he would like to see Deadpool fight. During this interview, Miller stated, “I’d love to see Deadpool fight Batman – no, I’m just kidding, that’s not even in the Marvel family! I’d love to see Deadpool go up against Taskmaster who’s another Marvel total f*****’ badass. But if I was to stay inside the Fox family, I would like to see him fight X-23, the female Wolverine. The female clone of Wolverine”.

To be honest, the Internet’s reaction to this has, somewhat, taken me aback. Don’t get me wrong, I like the character of Taskmaster, but he never seemed like one of the characters that other studios would have been vying for during the 2000’s. Despite all of this, it is worth noting that this is good news, and we can only hope that we will see Taskmaster on the big screen soon.

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