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MCU planning on bringing back some of the Netflix Marvel characters… but not all?

April 24th, 2021 by Marc Comments

We’ve reported off and on for a while on rumors and reports that Marvel’s Netflix heroes will be coming back into the MCU in one way or another although, given the violence and adult nature of the Netflix shows – and superb as they were – it would have been difficult to see them fitting in, tonally, to the wider MCU.

Sure, they are street level heroes, dealing with the horrors of Hell’s Kitchen and beyond, rather than dealing with aliens, robots and gods, so by their nature, they would be a grimier bunch.

But I always found it tough to imagine that Daredevil’s Kingpin, killing people by slamming their head to a pulp in car doors, could exist in the same reality as Tony Stark’s Iron Man.

But it seems Marvel have a way around this now. Possibly. Maybe.


Word is that Kevin Feige and Marvel are hoping to bring back Charlie Cox’s Daredevil – who may already have filmed scenes for Spider-man: No Way Home – Kristen Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin.

Word is that Jessica Jones and Punisher will be brought back into he MCU in their won new Disney+ shows, while Kingpin will appear in other shows, with him rumoured to be in Hawkeye. Daredevil, if he is in Spider-man, and we believe he is, will be the first fo the team to be appearing in the movies.

Word is, however, that Luke Cage’s Mike Coulter and Iron Fist’s Finn Jones may be recast and re-introduced at a later stage in the wider MCU.

How can they do this? Well, it seems there are no plans to reference the Netflix shows at all and to have them, unofficially perhaps, as not the same characters we’ve met before.

This would make sense as it seems that with the Marvel Multiverse coming in the Doctor Strange sequel, it’s likely that the Netflix shows will be different earth than the prime Marvel one we spend most of our time on. This would explain why Daredevil Jessic Jones etc look the same, while others don’t… multiverses, baby.

They aren’t expected to start appearing – with the exception of Cox – until Phase 5 of the MCU (we’re currently about to kick off Phase 4).

Sure, it could be a little confusing, but there was some serious talent and great casting in the Netflix shows, so having them back could be a very welcome addition to the MCU. For the record, I’d bring back Coulter as Luke Cage too… guy was perfect in the role.

Anyway, that’s the news. Thoughts?

Source: That Hashtag Show

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