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Pat Mills: We turned The Rock down to play Marshal Law

April 3rd, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Anyone here remember Marshal Law? Created by Pat Mills and drawn by the crazy imaginings of Kev O’Neill, Law was a bad-ass anti-hero who hunted superheroes for a living. In a world where heroes were a dime a dozen and, for the most part, crazy, Law was the sane response to an insane world. Or something like that.

Well, now 2000 AD Creator Pat Mills exclusively reveals to Following the Nerd that The Rock wanted to play the part of Marshal Law when the film was being optioned by Warner Brothers in 2009.


In an exclusive interview with Mills, he revealed that the actor Dwayne Johnson – also known by his ring name The Rock – had wanted the part of Marshal Law but had been turned down:”I have to mention Marshal Law here, we got it wrong we turned down one guy in favour of another, actually I can tell you who it was now.

“At the time the film made it all the way up to the Warner Brothers Boardroom – this was about three months before Watchmen came out – and the person we turned down was the right decision at the time but I might be eating my hat now. At the time he was just about to make a film we didn’t think was suitable, it was the Rock Dwayne Johnson, we turned him down and he went on to make the Tooth Fairy, but he wanted to do Marshal Law.

“Look at him now! We missed our chance. At that time he was under contract with Touchstone which is run by Disney and we always had this fear that if Disney got hold of Marshal Law they would bury it – it’s definitely not Disney material. I can’t help but feel he would have been great, it just goes to show we don’t always get it right.”

I shall dream of this movie that never was often (Marc – ed)


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