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Planet Hulk movie no more?

February 28th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr 1 Comment

El Mayimbe of Latino Review posted a Marvel scoop about a month ago that got everyone crazy excited! The scoop was that a Planet Hulk solo movie was going to take place, eventually leading into a World War Hulk type situation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with equivalent of The Illuminati for Avengers 3. Latino Review and EL Mayimbe specifically, have been correct more often that not with these epic scoops, so despite the events being predicted being a years away, fans went along with it, myself included. But, now we have Mr Beaks from Ain’t It Cool News debunking it completely? His sources say it is ”1,000% inaccurate”.

“A few days after Mayimbe broke his big Super Bowl story (which detailed Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 plans for the Hulk), I had a discussion with an extremely well-connected source who claimed the scoop was “1,000% inaccurate”. Mayimbe’s story claimed THE AVENGERS 2 would conclude with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes exiling an erratic Hulk to the planet Sakaar, thereby setting up a standalone PLANET HULK movie (in which Hulk would go all John Carter on some aliens). This would lead to a vengeful Hulk returning to Earth in THE AVENGERS 3, where he would likely do battle with some version of The Illuminati (i.e. the members to which Marvel owns the rights). According to my source, this just isn’t happening – not as long as Marvel’s got Mark Ruffalo committed to a six-picture deal as Bruce Banner. And that’s the primary issue with PLANET HULK: Banner isn’t in it at all (unless you count the WHAT IF… story where Banner is immediately killed upon reaching Sakaar). To make sure, I went to a another source for confirmation, and they backed up every detail. PLANET HULK isn’t happening.”

He went on to say he couldn’t get any details on what the plans are for after Avengers 2, but that Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner would be an “integral part of that film”. This is hardly surprising given the overwhelmingly positive outpouring from both fans and critics alike to his performance in The Avengers.

I had hoped that things would be changed to include Ruffalo’s Banner more in the Planet Hulk/World war Hulk storyline. Perhaps through inner struggle or by some form of control by his captors. Maybe they calm him down at night when not in the arena. This is when he would plan and converse with his Warbound. Then one day it wouldn’t work anymore. I mean the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a direct literal adaptation of the books anyway. Yes the story might be a stretch but who knows? Is this a clear debunk? I say no.

So what do we have? At the end of the day we have two reliable scoops with reliable sources. This will take place years down the road and anything can happen right? Besides Marvel has a lot on their plate right now. They need to resign Robert Downey Jr. ASAP.

Let it be known, El Mayimbe has responded and is sticking to his scoop. He sites this: as some of the lengths Marvel will go to in order to silence him.

What is cool is how Mr. Beaks and El Mayimbe like and respect each other. Beaks informed Mayimbe before he did his piece. And after Beaks’ story Mayimbe still has nothing but nice things to say about him.
The Nerd community often lets dumb things like this cause fights.

One thing to keep in mind Planet Hulk did not come out of nowhere. It was Marvel’s Kevin Feige who brought it up. “Planet Hulk is a cool story,” he said. “World War Hulk is a cool story.”

Anyway the question of the day: Do you guys think a Planet Hulk/ WW Hulk movie storyline is still possible?

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