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Power Rangers Alumni Reuniting For The Order

May 19th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments



Power Rangers is iconic for many reasons. One of the reasons for sure is that each new generation brings more and more fans into the mix via new Rangers. But what happens to the alumni? The veterans? The now non-“teenagers with attitude”? Well, apparently, they go and do a online film called The Order.

And I’m not saying this is just one Power Ranger, or a couple. This is a whole cast of them:

Karan Ashley, David Fielding, David Yost, Walter Jones, Austin St. John, Jonny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, and Paul Schrier from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Azim Rizik from Megaforce, Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Deborah Philips, and Daniel Southworth from Time Force, Blake Foster, Nakia Burrise, and Hilary Shepherd from Turbo, and Yoshi Sudarso from Dino Charge.

This is basically a cast of Rangers from nearly beginning to end. So, how did this come to be? Well, Karen Ashley spilled the beans:

“I knew I wanted something like Ocean’s Eleven, or Fast and Furious. Everyone has a skill or a moment. I was talking to Austin (St. John) and my agent and they were like, ‘You know you should talk to (Zordon actor and writer) David Fielding. You guys could collaborate.’

So I talked to him (about) this idea of a group, the shadow to the CIA and the FBI. Every one of them is an assassin, a killer, but they restore order in the world. I want good guys and bad guys. I said, ‘I want to cast all Power Ranger actors.’ He was like, ‘I’m all about this,’ and by November we had the script finished.

The Order is a private sect, these people can handle any situation. A couple go rogue and go against the Order. So the team is split and for the first time, they are fighting themselves. If you have James Bond fighting James Bond, what kind of fight would that be? It’d be pretty crazy.”

The film does have private backing, but to get the fans involved, they’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign. They’ve already raised $12,000 in two days. So if you’re a fan of Power Rangers and want to support the actors who made it a legendary franchise, now is your chance.

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