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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in more trouble than previously thought?

June 8th, 2016 by Todd Black 1 Comment



Since the rumors of Rogue One reshoots have hit, many have wondered just how serious they were. Was it like Suicide Squad? Where they just allowed the director to shoot extra scenes he wanted? Or was it like Fantastic Four? Where they were needed cause the film was failing to impress?

If new rumors are to be believed, it’s apparently the later. New reports are stating that nearly half the movie is being reshot, as Disney is concerned about the quality of the film.

The Playlist is even reporting that Tony Gilroy, who did uncredited rewrite work on Rogue One, is “actually supervising, if not helming, the reshoots himself,” meaning that Edwards might no longer be in charge of the movie from this point.

This is now very worrying.

Now to be clear, these are still just rumors, and though reshoots are likely happening, it’s undetermined what reasons or to what extent. Also know, that trailers and reels of the film have been shot and shown at theaters and events. Something tells us that Disney wouldn’t have done that if they wanted to reshoot half the film.

Stay tuned for more Rogue One news as we approach its December release.

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