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Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 4 was never made but this concept art makes us wish it was…

June 2nd, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


We’ve all heard for many years about the proposed fourth Spider-man film from director Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire as the web-slinger. Raimi has went on record to say what villains he had wanted to use and where he loosely saw the plot moving to.

For reasons unknown – possibly due to the mediocre to poor reviews of Spider-man 3 – it was scrapped and we eventually moved on to other Spideys like Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland. However, certain pre-production work on the film did take place though and now some awesome storyboards have hit the internet.

The storyboards are by artist, writer, and filmmaker Jeffrey Henderson. As you can see they reveal that Mysterio and the Vulture – who have yet to appear in a live-action movie – were considered as the baddies for the film before it was cancelled. Here are just a few of Henderson’s boards (above and below).

News site Gizmodo have info direct from Henderson that states that it was an idea to have Mysterio being Bruce Campbell’s regular cameo within the Raimi films. He went on to say that there would be a beginning of the film montage featuring “a montage of C and D- list villains that we knew would never be used as main antagonists: Mysterio, the Shocker, the Prowler, the old school-onesie-wearing version of the Rhino, maybe even the Stilt Man, etc”.

As for Vulture, he said he would’ve been featured as the main villain and apparently Raimi had some really new and exciting ideas for the character.

“The thing we kept coming back to was that, as a character, everyone was going to dismiss the Vulture as just an old guy in a silly green suit. So we wanted to go the opposite way and really make him the most fearsome and formidable adversary that Spider-Man had faced in the series.”

Unfortunately we never got to see what Raimi and the gang had planned. However, if rumours are to be believed we may finally get the live-action debut of the Vulture in Marvel’s Spider-man: Homecoming movie set to be released in 2017 with Michael Keaton rumoured to be in the role..

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